CM KCR addresses to visit PRAGATI

The Hon’ble Chief Minister of Telangana Sri. K. Chandrashekhar Rao while addressing a Public Meeting at Nagole, Hyderabad suggested the residents of the nearby colonies to visit PRAGATI and get acquainted with the development of greenery and herbal plantation.

On the advice of Mr. KCR the residents of Mamatha Nagar and Venkataramana colony along with concerned GHMC officials visited PRAGATI on 11th April, 2015 to study the development of herbal green plantation in urban areas and shared their enriching experience with PRAGATI.

CMD Dr. G.B.K. Rao also interacted with the residents of the colony and explained the imperative need for going on a race for sacred heritage herbal plantation in their respective colonies to overcome hazards posed by concrete jungle in urban areas for the survival of mankind on the earth


World Water Day

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India’s ancient Herbs solution to dreaded diseases

“Welcoming Pragati’s initiative, I take this opportunity to appeal to them to take up herbal plantation near garbage dumping yards, slums and urban pockets like Punjagutta and Kukatpally where emission levels are high,” says G Kalyan Chakravarthy, IAS, Director General, Environment Protection Training & Research Institute on World Forest Day

Hyderabd, 21st March, 2015: World Forest Day was observed at Pragati Resort in Pragati Bio-diversity Knowledge Park near Chilkur Balaji temple. In line with CM K Chandrashekahar Rao’s “Telangana Ku Haritha Haram”, Pragati Foundation and Pragati Bio-diversity Knowledge Park has recently announced the launch of Herbal Urban Forestry programme in association with United Federation of Residents Welfare Associations (U-FERWAS) and Telangana Builders Federation.

G Kalyan Chakravarthy, IAS, Director General, Environment Protection Training & Research Institute, the chief guest on the occasion said, “the noise, air, water pollution have become a serious health hazard. One degree change of temperature has a multiple chain affect on the glaciers resulting in global warming. Our major concern is to bring in the pollution parameters within permissible limit. While welcoming Pragati’s initiative, I take this opportunity to appeal to them to take up herbal plantation near garbage dumping yards, slums and urban pockets like Punjagutta and Kukatpally where emission levels are high.”

He further added, “Any government’s initiative will have greater success with active participation of the public. And such private- public initiative as initiated by Pragati can help move towards our objective.At EPTRI we study climate change in Telangana and AP and work towards providing the right environment. We are in the process of submitting the action report for climate change concerns to government.”

Dr GBK Rao, CMD, Pragati Group talking about the Herbal Urban Forestry programme said, “We are looking at closely working with the state government, private and public bodies to share our expertise on an ongoing basis in the area of sacred herbal plantation to provide disease free lung space to the citizens of Hyderabad at various road meridians, road avenues, parks, junctions and urban pockets. Water conservation through development of rain water harvesting pits and usage of drip irrigation will also be facilitated and people sensitised and educated about the need to conserve water through such initiatives.”

Dr GBK Rao further said, “Pragati has been providing training to various government and private agencies since last ten years in natural farming and herbal plantation. And has now stepped up their efforts to provide necessary training and information to the office bearers of various resident welfare associations, NGOs, social organisations, officials and staff of the government department in herbal green technology to promote the Herbal Urban forestry programme.”

Dubba and other herbal plants were planted on the occasion. This year the theme of World Forest Day has been ‘Climate change – A smart Future.’ 32 million acres of forest is getting destroyed in the world every year. Each herbal plant has medicinal value. Some are researched and others are yet to be worked on. Wonders can be achieved by exploring the medicinal value of the ancient sacred herbal plants to come out with formulations that could relieve mankind from dreaded ailments. A unique herb with medicinal properties for prevention of Breast Cancer and named it as Urginea Raogibikei is one such recent breakthrough of Pragati Bio Pharma .

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‘Pragati’ Model To be replicated all over Telangana as a PART OF ‘Telanaganku Haritha Haram’

Hyderabad, 12th April,2015: On the direction of  Chief Minister of Telangana K. Chandrashekar Rao, GHMC Officials led by Rammohan Rao, Deputy Director – GHMC along with 30 residents of Mamatha Nagar Colony and Venkataramana Colony visited Pragati Resort, part of Pragati Bio-diversity Knowledge Park near Chilkur Balaji temple on Saturday to have the first hand knowledge on development of herbal heritage plantation within the city limits. GHMC Circle Manager Bhaskar, Mahendar and Shoukath Hussain and Srinivas Reddy the President of Venkataramana colony and Mamathanagar colony were present on the occasion.

The chief minister during his recent public address at Nagole on 15th March, 2015, expressed his dissatisfaction over the unclean surroundings and accumulated garbage in Mamatha Nagar Colony and Venakataramana Colony and directed the concerned GHMC Officials to arrange a visit of the colonies to Pragati Biodiversity Knowledge Park so as to bring in the required awareness among the residents of those and other colonies to replicate the Pragati model of herbal heritage plantation. In his address he lauded Pragati as an ideal Biodiversity Park created by DR.GBK Rao, Chairman & Managing Director, Pragati Group. The park spread across 2500 acres with 27 lacs herbal heritage plantation is zero pollution, mosquito free, bad bacteria free and virus free zone with the temperature levels 5 to 6 degrees lesser than city levels. He appealed to the public to follow Pragati model and try to improve the surroundings of colonies by enhancing green cover.

These officials and residents keenly observed and noted their observation on 750 rare varieties of sacred, herbal, medicinal, aromatic plants as explained to them by Dr. S.V. Rama Rao, expert Pragati Group on herbal green technology. These herbal heritage green plants have the capacity to absorb toxic emissions and make the surroundings pollution free. Pragati has reciprocated to CM’s call by launching it’s herbal urban forestry drive in association with representatives of various resident welfare associations following CM’s public address at Nagole.

Dr. G.B.K. Rao, CMD, Pragati Resorts explained the importance of various medicinal, herbal and aromatic plants and their usages for our wellness. He apprised the visitors of the imperative need for development of greenery and plantation for protection of earth from global warming, natural calamities and deadly viruses to lead towards a ‘Disease Free Society’ espousing our rich Vedic culture. He suggested adopting innovative ways of plantation such as Vertical Gardens, Hanging Gardens, and Square Foot Gardens to overcome the threats posed by concrete jungles and stressed on the dire need for promoting urban forestry.

GHMC Officials said that Govt. of Telangana is going on a big way for development of greenery under ‘Telanganaku Haritha Haram’ and Pragati as role model is to be replicated all over Telangana.

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