CM, KCR while launching the ‪GramaJyothi‬ commended Pragati Resorts for having developed a ‪‎mosquito‬ ‪‎free‬ area.

Chief minister of Telangana, K Chandrashekhar Rao while launching the Grama Jyothi (village development) Programme at Gangadevipalli village of Geesukonda Mandal in Warangal District commended PRAGATI Resort near Chilkur Balaji temple on the outskirts of Hyderabad for having developed a mosquitoe free area by planting mosquito repellent plants.

“I request the District Collector (Warangal) to arrange a trip for the people of this village to Pragati Resorts. I am suggesting you to visit that place since Pragati Resorts spread over 3,000 acres close to Hyderabad, is uniquely free from mosquitoes. You cannot even find one mosquito there. I have been trying to make a visit to Pragati but haven’t been able to do so. I have to find some time to visit. You cannot even find one mosquito there. “

(On the lighter vein he said that “your place should be free from mosquitoes… otherwise they will bite you and won’t spare even your Sarpanch, MPTC and MLA. They won’t even leave me even if I say I am the chief Minister. In this way mosquito is a great socialist and maintains impartiality”.)

“Pragati does not use any chemicals. They have achieved this feat by planting certain medicinal and herbal plants. I practically checked it in my Farm house whether this is possible where too Pragati Group has undertaken such type of plantation. Now it is proved… after medicinal plantation done by Pragati my premises is now completely free from mosquitoes. So you also make your village a mosquito free place. You could obtain the required plants from Pragati. I will also request the Management of Pragati to give you some plants. They will come and do the required plantation here so that your village could become a mosquito free place.”

Times of India News_18-8-2015_c (2) Vaartha News_18-8-2015_c Sakshi News_18-8-2015_c (1) Andhra Prabha News_18-8-2015_c Eenadu News_18-8-2015_c

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