PRAGATI on ETV2 “SRI NILAYAM” Programme at 6.30 on Sunday (13.09.2015)

‘Creation of mosquito free places with medicinal plantation.  PRAGTI’s role in building the disease free society’ – Please watch “Sri Nilayam” programme being telecast on Sunday (13.09.2015) at 6.30 PM in ETV2 Andhra Pradesh and ETV2 Telangana.

The Programme comprehensively dwells into Pragati’s green living concept, the answer to Healthy, Wealthy and Happy life in the Biodiverse and eco friendly environment.  The Programme focuses on the success story of Pragati of how a no go area (earlier a lime stone quarry) has been turned into a lush green stretch with 2.5 million plantation.  Pragati upholding the motto of Indian Vedic Culture has been successful in creating mosquito free, zero pollution area, free from Bad bacteria and viruses with innovative plantation of 780 varieties of sacred herbal heritage medicinal plants. _GLO5024 _GLO5345 76 DSC_4273 DSC06042

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