About Expressions!

Set amid lush surroundings, Pragati Resorts Hyderabad is a one-of-its kind man-made Eco-village developed on barren land creating a natural habitat. The environment here is completely Eco-friendly, abundantly bio-diverse, pollution-free and mosquito-free.

A wonderful green belt on 2,500 acres of land without any chemical pesticides or fertilizers, the resort is an ideal retreat for the aware, creative and playful nature-lover. Spend a vacation plucking aromatic herbs for your tea and swimming in the pool with birds singing around, your whole group will be able to find their own interests. The resort property houses everything from cricket fields, golf course and naturopathy spa to ponds filled with ducks and lovely sculptures and fountains every few meters.

Expressions! is the place where you can share your wonderful experiences of Pragati Resorts with the rest of the world. Write in with your experiences of the resort, send us a photo essay or simply photographs representative of local nature or culture at the resort and we will be happy to make them a part of this blog. In addition at Expressions! you will also find details on upcoming events, package deals and offers at Pragati Resorts.

2 thoughts on “About Expressions!

  1. Hi,
    iam Vishnu stayed with you during 19th july through 21st july with my family. Wanted to write about our experience:
    1.stayed in cottage, very peaceful surroundings.
    2. very good Room Service and immediate help from the housekeeping dept. like changing bulbs, checking the AC, abd cleaning the rooms.
    3. staff very hospitable.
    4. sorroundings of the cottage to be made brighter(lights) durinhg nights. Makes children feel more safe. I could find a little unsafety feeling in my children during nights.
    5. Bicycle or gas / battery vans can be introduced so that the distance is not felt.
    6. Liquor to be introduced. No liquor was depressing.
    7. Children play area can be have more slides and other plays.
    8. water slide equipments like air tubes and cushion slides to be arranged at the point rather than we carrying all the time. This was stressful for children.
    9. Food was tasty can be more reasonably priced for inmates atleast.
    10. Nature walk with your Sri,Praveen was very enjoyable. A man with lot of knowledge on Nature and a Nature loving / protector person. And also instructs us to conserve and protect nature. This was really acceptable. Passed on lot of information about flowers, plants and animals. My children were very enthusiastic during the walk with him. Lot of patience to answer so many questions. My daughter bosted all this information to her friends and felt very proud.

    Thank you Sri.Praveen, your walk was a icing on the cake. This was different and this makes as differnce and we felt this as we are regular visitors to resorts and this pragati experience will reman with us for a long time.

    • Thank you for your feedback Mr.Vishnu.We appreciate your suggestions. We certainly put forward for improvement.
      Its an encouraging for our staff for their service.

      Visit again.

      Its our pleasure to serve you.

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