Karimnagar Villagers surprised to see mosquito free Pragati Resorts

A study team from Chinnamulkanoor village visited Pragati to study Plantation Technology for creating mosquito free area – on the direction of CM KCR as a part of Gram Jyothi Programme.

Hyderabad, 13th September, 2015: A 180 member team of villagers from Chinnamulkanoor village under Chigurumamidi Mandal of Karimnagar district visited Pragati Resorts on Sunday. The team led by B. Sreenivas, District Project Manager, DRDA and coordinator of Husnabad constituency, Karimnagar District was accompanied by Sarpanch Makutam Rajaiah, vice Sarpanch Smbari Babu, women self help groups, MPTC members, ward members of the village and villagers came on a study trip to Pragati.

The team studied the sacred herbal heritage plantation methodology adopted by Pragati Resorts to create a mosquito free area, innovative plantation, irrigation, agricultural and horticultural techniques. The team also studied sanitation and other innovative farming measures adopted by Pragati. After the study trip B. Sreenivas said, “It has been an enlightening experience coming to Pragati. Before coming here we had no idea about the kind of plantation done here that can make an area mosquito free.” Sarpanch Makutam Rajaiah said, “It was an invaluable experience to study about the wide variety of herbal plants which are an integral part of our Indian Vedic Culture and play such an important role in our day to day life for giving us a healthy living. Pragati has taken up a great task of collecting these plants.”

The Chief Minister of Telangana KCR in his recent public address at Chinnamulkanoor, Chigurumamidi Mandal, Karimnagar District gave a clarion call to the people of the village to visit Pragati Resorts near Hyderabad and Ankapur, a model village in Nizamabad district to study the healthy agricultural practices. Especially to study innovative plantation techniques to create mosquito free area developed by Pragati Resorts. KCR in his address then said, “It was miraculous to see the impact of plantation done by Pragati at my place which has enabled to make it free from mosquitoes.” The Chinnamulkanoor village is among the villages adopted by KCR for developing self sustainable model villages.

  1. Chandrashekar Rao, the Chief Minister of Telangana time and again across the various public forums has acknowledged and called upon the people on the kind of path breaking work done by Pragati which has become a role model for conservation of biodiversity and for developing a healthy green living area. Earlier at a welfare society programme in Nagole, Hyderabad on his advice to study the Pragati model GHMC officials along with the residents of Mamathanagar and Venkataramana colony visited Pragati. At the recent launch of Grama Jyothi Programme at Gangadevipally village in Warangal district KCR reiterated on the importance of sanitation as an integral part of Rural Development and advised the people to study the innovative techniques adopted for creation of mosquito free place at Pragati Resort.

Pragati Resort which is a part of Pragati Biodiversitiy Knowledge park located at Shankarpalli, Mandal of Ranga Reddy District has been acclaimed by the global community, United Nations, Government of India and Chief Ministers of Telangana and Andhra Pradesh for converting a no go area into a lush green bio-diverse stretch with 2.5 million plantation including 780 species of sacred herbal medicinal plantation. It has enabled to create a zero pollution environment, make the area completely free from mosquitoes, bad bacteria, deadly viruses and other toxic emissions. This commendable feat has been appreciated and acclaimed by world leaders. The village team visited Anakapur village in Nizamabad Distirct on Saturday as suggested by KCR.

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CM, KCR while launching the ‪GramaJyothi‬ commended Pragati Resorts for having developed a ‪‎mosquito‬ ‪‎free‬ area.

Chief minister of Telangana, K Chandrashekhar Rao while launching the Grama Jyothi (village development) Programme at Gangadevipalli village of Geesukonda Mandal in Warangal District commended PRAGATI Resort near Chilkur Balaji temple on the outskirts of Hyderabad for having developed a mosquitoe free area by planting mosquito repellent plants.

“I request the District Collector (Warangal) to arrange a trip for the people of this village to Pragati Resorts. I am suggesting you to visit that place since Pragati Resorts spread over 3,000 acres close to Hyderabad, is uniquely free from mosquitoes. You cannot even find one mosquito there. I have been trying to make a visit to Pragati but haven’t been able to do so. I have to find some time to visit. You cannot even find one mosquito there. “

(On the lighter vein he said that “your place should be free from mosquitoes… otherwise they will bite you and won’t spare even your Sarpanch, MPTC and MLA. They won’t even leave me even if I say I am the chief Minister. In this way mosquito is a great socialist and maintains impartiality”.)

“Pragati does not use any chemicals. They have achieved this feat by planting certain medicinal and herbal plants. I practically checked it in my Farm house whether this is possible where too Pragati Group has undertaken such type of plantation. Now it is proved… after medicinal plantation done by Pragati my premises is now completely free from mosquitoes. So you also make your village a mosquito free place. You could obtain the required plants from Pragati. I will also request the Management of Pragati to give you some plants. They will come and do the required plantation here so that your village could become a mosquito free place.”

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Far from the usual hustles and bustles of the city life, Pragati Resorts is a kind of blessing for the people providing a respite and a peace haven for them, enabling them to spend a quality time with their family and friends. Surrounded by lush greenery and plantations, resorts offer a wide variety of recreational facilities that would provide fun and enjoyment to kids as well as adults alike. Age is one term that has no meaning at Pragati Resorts!

Apart from offering unlimited fun for all ages alike, Pragati also can cater to the requirements of corporate organizations for occasions such as conferences, get-togethers and events. The holiday makers and revelers are sure to have a memorable time of their life.

Even the stay at Pragati Resorts is top class and meets international standards. All the different types of rooms are well-furnished carrying the attributes of convenience and comfort to the fullest. Each room will have a separate balcony overlooking the excellent scenery, immaculate green surroundings, water bodies and landscape with a golf course.


With the aim of providing quality enjoyment of a holiday to each and every visitor, Pragati offers a wide variety of facilities and services. The special attractions and features of Pragati Resorts include the following

  • Prakruti Prasanta Vanams
  • Avenue Plantations
  • Green Sit-Outs
  • Nature Walk Ways
  • Dhanvantari Vanam
  • Nakshatra Vanam
  • Veda Vriksha Sangraha Vanam
  • Nava Graha Vanams
  • Plant Nursery
  • Swimming Pools
  • Water Slides
  • Sports – Indoor and Outdoor
  • Fountains
  • Crazy River
  • Executive Rooms, Suites, and Cottages
  • Boardrooms and Banquet Halls
  • Pragati Sparsh – Holistic Center
  • Cafeteria and Restaurant
  • Pyramid Structure for Meditation
  • Rose Garden…etc.


For its excellent maintenance and cause, Dr. G.B.K. Rao had been honored with “Award for Excellence” in the category of Eco-Friendly Project for the years 2004, 2006, 2007 and 2008 from the Tourism Department, Govt. of Andhra Pradesh.

Also the Department of Horticulture honored Dr G.B.K. Rao with first prize and Rolling Trophy in the category of “Gardens maintained by Resorts” for the years 2009 and 2010.

It is all set to become one of the top bio-diversity resorts in not just India but across the world. It has already garnered a number of achievements and awards that depict its contribution to the environment all the while providing enjoyment and fun

Attain Perfection in Physical and Spiritual Well Being

With heavy pressures, restless jobs, life full of stress and strain, people hardly have time to look into their physical and spiritual health. Though the effects are not immediately observed, people would be facing the consequence in the long term. Hence it is highly imperative that we understand the significance of spending some time in peace and greenery which not only helps you refresh physically, but spiritually as well.

Pragati Resorts, a one-of-its-kind resort in the country and a man-made eco-village developed on barren land creating a natural habitat, is one of the best places to spend a quality time with nature and elevate your spirits.  Pragati Sparsh, the in house spa is a destination for holistic healing where you can select and avail services out of a number of treatments and therapies that would enable you to rejuvenate without a hint of any side effect.

This in house spa has the attributes of Individual attention, dynamic approach, unique counseling methodology, and holistic treatment. Sparsh offers a variety of annual membership packages for different age groups. The membership card will be provided with the dates and timings of the sessions, duration and the type of services they offer. If you have a membership, you can save an amount of 50% – 70% on this annual pricing depending on the type of services you select.

Unique Features of Pragati Sparsh

The following special features are part and parcel of the variety of treatments and services offered at Pragati Sparsh.

  • Ayurveda and Naturopathy treatment facilities with state of the art technologies and facilities
  • Spa surrounded by beautiful scenic views of the resorts enabling the ailing process to be fresh, fast, and gentle
  • Health awareness boards and catalogs at the Spa that would help you in recognizing the treatment process, healthy food and exercise practices
  • Hydro therapy equipment under one roof where we can select and avail top class therapies
  • Deluxe Hydro Massage tub with Ozone Sterilizing facility to eliminate and prevent any skin infections.
  • Detox Sauna combined with Chromo Light Therapy and Music Therapy facilitating effective blood circulation and body mind co-ordination as well as relaxation
  • Unique Powder massager equipment and Herbal aroma powder to enable skin toning and whitening as well as improve blood circulation
  • A cool sculpting therapy known as Cryo – Iypolysis for inch loss of abdomen without any side effects.
  • Pedi jet bath to relieve you of knee pains and joint pains as well as swelling in legs.
  • Hip bath Jacuzzi with hydro jets to have relief from spinal cord pains
  • Traditional Shirodhara and Oil Massage with Swadeshi and Thai herbal packs.

These are just a few of the many facilities and services offered by Sparsh and there are many more innovative therapies and treatments which are about to be arrived.


Since the beginning of human life, plants and trees have been recognized not only as the source of food or materials, but more importantly also as the agents of healing. And as per the Indian Vedic culture, there are a huge variety of herbal plants which have the capability of healing or curing even the most dangerous diseases and health issues. Sadly, the last few decades saw huge amounts of deforestation which led to a loss of a great number of medicinal plants and trees.

It is therefore highly imperative that we save the precious greenery what is left and try to increase it in order to protect the Mother Nature as well as protect ourselves. Pragati has made it an aim to spread this awareness as far as possible. It has deeply studied the aspect of medicinal plants and trees, surveyed wide areas and lands to collect the herbal plants with unique significance, and paved way to one of the most beautiful herbal garden we can come across.

At Pragati’s Herbal Healing Garden, the invaluable plant treasure is a collection of herbs that carry an immense medicinal value. These plants are placed in groups based on their significance and kind of healing they offer. The sacred Vanams or groves at Pragati form repositories for protecting the plant as well as animal species which made Pragati as their natural habitat. There’s no exaggeration in saying that one can experience and feel the inner peace by sitting in or around one of these vanams. This place is the best destination to observe the genuine eco system at work. This is the place where we can truly find our Mother Nature.

The herbs and plants at Pragati Resorts spread their aroma and fragrance in the air, cleanse the environment around, and rejuvenate the physical as well as spiritual well-being of the visitors. The primary properties of the herbs here include

  • Anti-Oxidants
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Anti-Cancer
  • Analgesic
  • Anti-Asthmatic
  • Digestive
  • Anti-Allergic

The pleasant silence and the greenery presence at Pragati naturally cure a variety of physical as well as mental diseases.  There are a wide range of Vanams that are present across Pragati. They are

  • Panchabhoota Vanam
  • Navagraha Vanams
  • Nakshatra Vanam
  • RASI Vanam
  • Kadamba Vanam
  • 21 Ganapati Patrika Vanam
  • Saptarishi Vanam
  • Seeta Ashoka Vanam
  • Vedic Vanam
  • Dhanvantari Vanam
  • Sugandha Vanam
  • Dasamoola Vanam
  • Panchavati Vanam
  • Kartheeka Vanam
  • Triphala Vanam
  • Pushpa Vanam


Hence, apart from being noted as one of the top luxury resorts in India, Pragati’s expansive herbal gardens, the variety of treatments offered at Sparsh makes it an exclusive Ayurvedic health resort too.  The beautiful greenery and sceneries also make the resorts one of the top wedding venues in Hyderabad.



No matter how many physical activities you perform, no matter how many exercises you do, they are no match to the benefits you reap from spending some quality time with the nature.  At Pragati Resorts, you can reap all those benefits to full extent by having a walk with the nature!

Yes, Pragati’s Nature Walk special package allows you to spend a quality time of two hours in the nature’s greenery and splendid scenery. And as any many of you might guess, the nature’s trail at Pragati Resorts will change every season. So a visit to the Resorts every new season will be a new experience to you!

The following are the many features that would come with the Pragati’s Nature Walk Package. Each one of these features is unique in their own way and you’d definitely find excitement and enjoyment with them.

  • The resort has an in-house nursery where a variety of flowering, medicinal plants and herbs are nurtured with utmost care. You can start this walk by visiting this nursery and feel the breath of fresh and healthy air emanating from the plants there.
  • Pottery is one of the oldest crafts or arts, and it is unique in our country. Pragati Resorts has a pottery which you can visit to and have a glance at how the whole art works.
  • For those who are interested to explore the resorts greenery across on bicycle, Pragati allows bicycle rides with this package!
  • Goshala” – The humble abode of cows is a special feature of attraction here. Have a visit to this Goshala and taste some fresh milk there.
  • As you walk through the greenery in the early morning here, you can admire the ever beautiful sun rise, the pleasant scenery, and the sweet chirping of the birds.
  • You can have a sip of the medicinal herbal, yet very tasty tea which is included with this package.
  • One of the most attractive features of this Nature Walk is the “Bullock Cart” ride. Enjoy the scenery across the resorts with this ride which you would rarely find anywhere these days.
  • Are you a games enthusiast? Well, Nature Walk package includes a complimentary access to indoor games like caroms, chess, and table tennis.
  • Do you feel like having some physical activity? Have some physical activity with the rock climbing and skating access that would come with the package.

Apart from these features, there would also be boating access seasonally, rain dancing with the DJ on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays too!

So, are you ready to have some fun day with Nature? Well, Visit Pragati Resorts Now!

Fun Unlimited at a Serene Place


It’s not difficult to find fun themed parks now-a-days in almost any city or even a town. You and your kids might have visited many of them already. But what’s rare to find is a place with almost every possible fun and recreation facility you can think in the midst of nature’s greenery.  But now Hyderabad is a place that can say ‘No’ to that rarity, with the presence of Pragati Resorts.

In a nut shell, the resort is a place for enjoyment and rejuvenation. It’s one of the very few places, not only in India, but in the world to offer such a huge variety of services and facilities that are unique in kind and unmatched in their quality. And when it comes to providing fun and excitement to both kids and adults alike, we can feel that it’s one of the best once we visit it.

Pragati Resorts is equipped with spaces and equipment for all kinds of indoor and outdoor games and sports.  The following are the variety of activities that can be enjoyed at Pragati Resorts.

  • SPORTS AND GAMES: Not just one or two, Pragati Resorts is a place for all kinds of sport and game enthusiasts. You can play individual or team games at your choice and they include both indoor and outdoor games
    • INDOOR GAMES: Shuttle, Table Tennis, Carroms, Chess, Snooker or Pool.
    • OUTDOOR GAMES: Cricket, Volleyball, Badminton, Skating, Bicycling, and Golf
  • FUN WITH WATER: The resort is equipped with a huge water park where you can enjoy with your friends and family together. The slides in this park would definitely be loved by kids especially. Those who are interested in swimming wouldn’t be disappointed either with exclusive pool! Apart from these, you can also find extra features like boating in the lake, and rain dance with DJ.
  • EXCITING PLACE FOR KIDS: Pragati Resorts is a perfect place for you to watch your kids having fun and playing to their utmost satisfaction. The nature’s presence across the resorts will imbibe a positive energy for your kids so that they would not actually feel tired with playing. The children’s park here is a special attraction for them.

Along with these fun activities and provisions, it is also a perfect place for organizing special events and occasions. Be it a corporate meeting, or a wedding, or any kind of special anniversaries, you wouldn’t find many places better than Pragati Resorts. You will even find that the prices are very affordable comparatively.

You can find more information about the packages and tariffs at Pragati Resorts website