Pragati Group realty stall at 20th TANA National Conference held at Detroit, USA

Glimpses of Pragati Group realty stall at 20th TANA National Conference held at Detroit, USA from 2nd July- 4h July, 2015. Pragati Group launched three residential projects at the event. Pragati presents Nachura, premium garden homes at Proddutoor village, abutting Pragati Biodiversity Knowledge Park in Shankarpally mandal of Ranga Reddy district. Nachura sprawls over 121.5 acres, comprising of 222 garden homes around a 90 acre natural lake.

Pragati Yadrarushi at Mallapur in Yadadri and Pragati Bhagyanagar at Bhongir the two residential layouts were also launched at the TANA fair National conference.

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International Yoga day organized by Trust Pragati Foundation for Holistic Development

Unification of self with Supreme Self to glorify life and keeping Life span intact, as blessed by The Almighty ” is Yoga said Dr.GBKRao ,CMD of Pragati Group.

Dr GBK Rao was addressing a gathering of various walks if life in an interactive session on ” Preaching ..Practicing ,Training if Yoga for attainment of Quality of life” on the occasion of International yoga day ,organized by his Trust Pragati Foundation for Holistic Development. The event is sponsored by Pragati Resorts and its group of companies.

Holistic Health can be achieved by yoga and such  perfection is possible in the places Natural environments  like Pragati and he advised the people to avail services of Pragati prakruti yoga

To become holistically well in body, psyche and soul ,one need to practice yoga regularly ,he appealed .

Dr.GBK Rao also demonstrated certain typical yoga  postures and made the participants to practice.

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World Environment Day and Telangana Formation Day Celebrated at Pragati


Hyderabad, 05th June, 2015:

Yadadri temple development authority to collaborate with Pragati Group for sharing its sacred herbal heritage plantation and right plant at the right place. Kishan Rao, chairman of the Yadadri temple development authority shared this while addressing a gathering at Pragati Biodiversity Knowledge Park as a part of the Telangana Formation Day and World Environment Day celebrations. Plans are afoot to beautify the 8.5 kms sacred parikrama pathway around the Yadadri temple with sacred herbal heritage plantation as per the ethos of Indian culture.

B.V Papa Rao, advisor to Govt. of Telangana called for integrating the Telangana Formation and World Environment Day Celebrations, since every year it is going to coincide with each other. Our government is moving ahead on the path of development by adopting a holistic approach to integrate development with environment conservation. State government is going to launch it’s Industrial policy on 12th June followed by massive green drive in July under the Haritha Haram programme in 5000 villages, talukas and municipal bodies.”

Chief Guest P Ramulu, Chairman – TS Tourism Development Corporation speaking on the occasion said, “When the sultans ruled the Golcondas Hyderabad and Telangana were known for it’s natural beauty, plants, migratory birds coming here from various parts of the world. Although human evolution started 5000 years ago most of the damage to the environment has happened in the last hundred years. Deteriorating human values, psychology and craving for material desires has degraded the environment severely.”

Addressing the media Dr GBK Rao, Chairman and Managing Director Pragati Group said, “Right plantation at the right place is the only answer. Sacred herbal plantation at various avenues and urban pockets to provide a pollution free, mosquito free, disease free, virus free, bad bacteria free life to the citizens of Hyderabad and even reduce the temperature levels in the HMDA region is the need of the hour to give the much needed respite to the citizens. Pragati has acquired the expertise over a period of two decades in achieving this remarkable fete at its 2500 acres Pragati Biodiversity Knowledge Park near Chilkur Balaji temple at Proddutur village under Shanakarpally Manadal. And we take this opportunity to launch our Herbal Urban Forestry Programme.”


A spectacular dance performance by Dr. Srutha Keerthi and troop, performance by G V N Raju, Mimicry and Ventriloquist artist and the traditional Telangana cuisine that was served for lunch were the other attractions at Pragati Biodiversity Knowledge Park on the occasion of Telangana Formation Day and World Environment Day Celebrations. All the guest on the dias applauded the commendable work done by Dr GBK Rao, CMD, Pragati Group for conservation of environment.

Time and again ever since Shri K Chandrashekhar Rao took over as CM of Telangana he has acknowledged the intent of the state govt to work together with Pragati to replicate the model across the region. He has already sent his forest officials to Pragati Biodiversity Knowledge Park for a field study to study the herbal green technology there, while CM‘s visit is much awaited. Time and again he has commended the work done by Pragati at its park and has expressed his desire to replicate the Pragati model by all other resident welfare associations and other private and public bodies in Telangana to lead a disease free life.

Urgent, important, will do, such words for taking up plantations is gone. The impact of the rapid destruction of the green cover and concretisation of the cities in the name of urban development is disastrous. We are sitting over a dormant nuclear bomb ready to explode anytime. Time is ticking by fast. If steps are not taken on a war footing to avert this catastrophe, the moment is not far away when our cities, state, nation and our mother earth will soon be engulfed in calamities like Tsunami and Hudhud, people groaning in pain as a result of the impact created by global warming, Ozone puncture and deforestation.

 World Environment Day & Telangana State Formation day celebrations World Environment Day & Telangana State Formation day celebrations World Environment Day & Telangana State Formation day celebrations World Environment Day & Telangana State Formation day celebrations World Environment Day & Telangana State Formation day celebrations World Environment Day & Telangana State Formation day celebrations World Environment Day & Telangana State Formation day celebrations World Environment Day & Telangana State Formation day celebrations

CM KCR addresses to visit PRAGATI

The Hon’ble Chief Minister of Telangana Sri. K. Chandrashekhar Rao while addressing a Public Meeting at Nagole, Hyderabad suggested the residents of the nearby colonies to visit PRAGATI and get acquainted with the development of greenery and herbal plantation.

On the advice of Mr. KCR the residents of Mamatha Nagar and Venkataramana colony along with concerned GHMC officials visited PRAGATI on 11th April, 2015 to study the development of herbal green plantation in urban areas and shared their enriching experience with PRAGATI.

CMD Dr. G.B.K. Rao also interacted with the residents of the colony and explained the imperative need for going on a race for sacred heritage herbal plantation in their respective colonies to overcome hazards posed by concrete jungle in urban areas for the survival of mankind on the earth


Women's Day at Pragati

Women’s Day Special Offer at Pragati Resorts – Exclusively for ‘Her’

Women’s Day – March 8th

Offer Exclusively for Women and it’s valid only on March 8th, 2015.

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Usage of Eco-friendly Natural Colours in Holy Celebrations

Use of natural colour during festive occasions had been in practice since ancient times in our Indian cultural heritage and traditions. With speedy development in science and technology and their applications; there has been tremendous growth in colours and dyes manufacturing industry as well.

Basically colours and colouring agents are obtained from two sources i.e… Natural colours ( bio – colours) or natural organic colours and artificial or synthetic organic colours. Natural organic dyes are derived from plants and their parts that possess colouring pigments like cyanins and anthocyanins; xathins and anthoxathins etc….Of late the modern life styles of man is very much inclined to use synthetic colours. Synthetic organic colours, though gives deep and bright that look attractive; they are very harmful to the health of man and animal. They contain toxic  chemicals like lead, arsenic, mercury etc… that  lead to several disorders of the body system – skin, eyes, nose, heart, nerves, blood etc..They also pollute water and soil. On the other hand, the choice of natural organic colours extracted from plant parts i.e.. leaves, flowers, fruits, seed, bark, wood, and root are simple natural products that are safe to use.

During celebrations like the present holy festival, people tend to use fast colour products available in free market. By doing so, they may enjoy temporarily due to  the attractiveness of the synthetic colours. But they may be also  silently inviting the wrath of ill-effects of these toxic chemicals. Instead, it is better and safe to go for natural colours and dyes which are slowly arriving in to the market. Though these products are little bit expensive it is real worth in using such eco – friendly natural organic colours. Not only this, some of the natural dyes have got medicinal values as well. However, some cautious utilization of these colours is advisable because of inherent and rare cases of   allergy.

Some of the plants and/or plant products that we can use in attractive colour combinations are…

                 Moduga flowers                            :  orange – red

                 Sindhur seed pulp and powder  :  Saffron – scarlet

                 Marigold flowers                           :  yellow – orange

                 Hibiscus                                           :  black- red

                 Kumkum fruit bristles                   :  scarlet red

                Bandigurivinja seed                       :  scarlet red

                Henna leaves                                   :  orange

                Red sandal wood                            : reddish brown

                Turmeric rhizome                           : yellow orange

                Parijatha   flower stems                :  saffron

                Pala indigo                                        : indigo(blue)

                Seeta ashoka flowers                     :  yellow –orange –scarlet

                Bilva/maredu fruit rind and pulp     :  golden yellow

                Panasa wood                                    :   light yellow

                Sappan wood/patanga                    : reddish yellow

                Pogada wood                                   :   brown

Other products like tomato fruits, carrot and beetroot, rose petals, jamun and grape fruits, compeachy wood, lagerstroemia, rambutan, morinda fruit, pomegranate fruit  etc… also give a variety of colours for safe use.

Begin a New Life in a Grandest Way at Pragati Resorts

We would always want to celebrate our special occasions and events in the grandest way possible in the best of places. And one of the most important occasions out of the lot is the Wedding. A start of a new life of two people should always be a memorable one. And Pragati Resorts is second to none in making this grand occasion the best and a memorable event of your life.

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Recreation in the Lap of Nature – Pragati Resorts

 Since its inception, Pragati Resorts in Hyderabad has been a top choice destination for people of all ages and events for all occasions. With the whole area enveloped by the nature’s best, the visitors have expressed their utmost satisfaction after spending a quality and memorable time at the resorts with their family and friends. It has been touted to be one of the very few places which facilitate royalty and recreation together with unmatched services and products.


To start with, Pragati Resorts was established not only with the aim to provide fun and recreation to the visitors, but also for a noble cause.  The roots of the Pragati group are based on a socially responsible idea. The vision and mission of Pragati is to create an awareness of the ecological balance and green living to the individuals and inspire them to be socially responsible. The core values of the group include Joy, Abundance, Balance, Social Responsibility and Innovation.


Out of 2500 acres owned by Pragati group, Pragati Resort covers in 85 Acres of area. The resort has 25 lakh Aroma plants, Indian Heritage flowering Trees, Tropical Plants and over 750 Varieties of Medical plants. Accompanied by water fountains, Golf Court, Indoor & Outdoor gaming facilities, Large Swimming Pool, Natural Farming, Goshala – the humble abode of cows, Pyramid Room for Yoga & Meditation, Holistic Ayurveda, Eco-Balancing Environment, Green Building concept offers a rare opportunity to experience complete Health, Well Being, Disease Free environment and high standards in the today’s world.


The resorts encompass a wide variety of features that would spread fun and joy for both adults and children alike. You can start the day at Pragati Resorts with the Nature Walk through which you can explore the greenery that is present across the resorts.


Families can have a memorable day at the resorts with the fun day outing package that would enable access to a number of special features that include nature walk, swimming pool, water slides, buffet lunch, bullock cart ride and many more!


The resort has an in house spa – SPArsh which offers a wide variety of rejuvenating therapies and enables you to indulge in pure bliss. The best thing about this is that the visitors are offered free health consultation by expert naturopathic physicians available at the resorts. You can have a free nutritional counseling too.


Pragati Resorts offers a special package for couples who wish to celebrate a memorable occasions like their marriage anniversary or honeymoon. This package, known as “Amor” combines various features for them to enjoy together at the resorts.


Two among the very few things kids love are Games and Food. And Pragati Resorts is a place that can satisfy the kids to the fullest! With the two special packages like “Me Khush” and “Tummy Khush”, schools can make their pupils spend a great day at the resorts. While the first package is for the kids who like to have fun with games and activities, the second one is for those who are food lovers!

This wide variety of features in the eco-friendly area made Pragati Resorts one of the best in the country. Visit Pragati Resorts Website for more information and special offers now.