Women's Day at Pragati

Women’s Day Special Offer at Pragati Resorts – Exclusively for ‘Her’

Women’s Day – March 8th

Offer Exclusively for Women and it’s valid only on March 8th, 2015.

Pragati Resorts offers special discounts on Day Outing and Spa Packages only for Women on the Occasion of International Women’s Day this March 8th.

Here are the offer Details
a) 1+1 Offer on Day Outing Package
b) 50% Discount on any Spa package

You can avail either or both the packages and spend a pleasant and peaceful day at the Resorts this Sunday!

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Begin a New Life in a Grandest Way at Pragati Resorts

We would always want to celebrate our special occasions and events in the grandest way possible in the best of places. And one of the most important occasions out of the lot is the Wedding. A start of a new life of two people should always be a memorable one. And Pragati Resorts is second to none in making this grand occasion the best and a memorable event of your life.

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Recreation in the Lap of Nature – Pragati Resorts

 Since its inception, Pragati Resorts in Hyderabad has been a top choice destination for people of all ages and events for all occasions. With the whole area enveloped by the nature’s best, the visitors have expressed their utmost satisfaction after spending a quality and memorable time at the resorts with their family and friends. It has been touted to be one of the very few places which facilitate royalty and recreation together with unmatched services and products.


To start with, Pragati Resorts was established not only with the aim to provide fun and recreation to the visitors, but also for a noble cause.  The roots of the Pragati group are based on a socially responsible idea. The vision and mission of Pragati is to create an awareness of the ecological balance and green living to the individuals and inspire them to be socially responsible. The core values of the group include Joy, Abundance, Balance, Social Responsibility and Innovation.


Out of 2500 acres owned by Pragati group, Pragati Resort covers in 85 Acres of area. The resort has 25 lakh Aroma plants, Indian Heritage flowering Trees, Tropical Plants and over 750 Varieties of Medical plants. Accompanied by water fountains, Golf Court, Indoor & Outdoor gaming facilities, Large Swimming Pool, Natural Farming, Goshala – the humble abode of cows, Pyramid Room for Yoga & Meditation, Holistic Ayurveda, Eco-Balancing Environment, Green Building concept offers a rare opportunity to experience complete Health, Well Being, Disease Free environment and high standards in the today’s world.


The resorts encompass a wide variety of features that would spread fun and joy for both adults and children alike. You can start the day at Pragati Resorts with the Nature Walk through which you can explore the greenery that is present across the resorts.


Families can have a memorable day at the resorts with the fun day outing package that would enable access to a number of special features that include nature walk, swimming pool, water slides, buffet lunch, bullock cart ride and many more!


The resort has an in house spa – SPArsh which offers a wide variety of rejuvenating therapies and enables you to indulge in pure bliss. The best thing about this is that the visitors are offered free health consultation by expert naturopathic physicians available at the resorts. You can have a free nutritional counseling too.


Pragati Resorts offers a special package for couples who wish to celebrate a memorable occasions like their marriage anniversary or honeymoon. This package, known as “Amor” combines various features for them to enjoy together at the resorts.


Two among the very few things kids love are Games and Food. And Pragati Resorts is a place that can satisfy the kids to the fullest! With the two special packages like “Me Khush” and “Tummy Khush”, schools can make their pupils spend a great day at the resorts. While the first package is for the kids who like to have fun with games and activities, the second one is for those who are food lovers!

This wide variety of features in the eco-friendly area made Pragati Resorts one of the best in the country. Visit Pragati Resorts Website for more information and special offers now.


Royal Stay in the Nature’s Heart

It is a common notion among most people that only the hotels or resorts in the midst of city, constant floating and business areas could provide exceptional and all-round facilities for stay and organization of events. But proving those of us who think in that way to be wrong, Pragati Resorts has arrived. With unmatched facilities, international standard services, and royal stay options, most importantly in the heart of nature, this resort has become a heavenly respite for the people of all ages and events for all occasions.

With the variety of packages and special deals it offers for different types of events, it is being given the first preference by all sections of people to spend a holiday, or organize a corporate event, or celebrate a wedding or a special anniversary. The different stay options in the resorts, adding to the attraction of the nature’s greenery, has made Pragati Resorts a favorite spot to visit.

The stay options at the Resorts include

  • Executive Suites – Suitable for a small family
  • Executive Rooms – for individuals who have come to spend a pleasant day at the resorts
  • Pool Side Suites – For families with separate rooms for kids and a beautiful view from the terrace.
  • Cottages – There is a colony of 32 cottages at the resorts. Visitors can pick their choice of available cottages and enjoy the beautiful scenery around the place they are at.

The best thing about the stay at Pragati Resorts is that they come with a number of amenities which are not usually found at any other place. These amenities include

  • Complimentary breakfast
  • TV and intercom
  • Wifi access
  • Hot water
  • Fridge
  • 24 hour room-service
  • Laundry-service
  • Resident doctors 24 x 7
  • Valet


Along with the attractive and comfortable stay options at the Pragati Resorts, another attractive feature is its variety of dining options. The two restaurants “Star Café” and “Royal Palm” surrounded by the greenery much like all the other areas of the resorts, always invite you to taste the delicious food items and snacks.

While the Star Café is the destination for snack lovers, Royal Palm restaurant offers multi cuisine options.  You will find that the Star Café is situated near a beautiful pond which is a home for a flock ducks.  Be kind and don’t say no to the ducks there which at times ask for a piece of your snack!

In one sentence, we can say that the stay at the resorts is in every way “ROYAL

A Day at Pragati Resorts – In the Heart of Nature

A Day at Pragati Resorts – In the Heart of Nature

Nature’s Humble Abode

Nature is the only thing that any person could fall in love with the first look. And Greenery is one thing that has almost become a scarcity these days. There is no exaggeration in saying that most of us are craving to spend in midst of nature’s greenery leaving all the hectic hours and pressures of busy lives, at least for a day. For all of those people, Pragati Resorts has proved to be more than just a respite. It has become a home away from home for everyone who visited it.


In a nut shell, we can say that Pragati has set a new standard for the Nature themed resorts. The features it encompasses are unique from any other resort you’ve visited or heard about and the services and facilities are top-class. We are not talking about the accommodation and stay, but the features that truly make this resort one in a million. Here are a few features of Pragati Resorts in brief.

  • THE GREENERY: You can’t possibly get closer to the nature anywhere than here! You will literally be in the heart of the nature as the resorts are enveloped with lush greenery.
  • NATURE WALK: The concept known as “Nature Walk” at Pragati Resorts allows you to explore this greenery that is spanned across the resort. With this package, you can view the beautiful sun rise across the lake, listen to the sweet chirps of the birds, and enjoy the sceneries around the resort. There are many more features with this package which you can view here – Pragati Nature Walk Package

  • BYE BYE MOSQUITO: The medicinal and herbal plants in the resorts make this absolutely mosquito free as they act as repellents.
  • THE BULLOCK CART RIDE: Have you heard of a bullock cart ride? If yes, when did you have it? Well, we’re sure most of you did not. This ride is so much fun and you do not want you to miss it at any cost. Pragati Resorts allows you to go on a bullock cart ride and explore the scenery.
  • FUN FOR KIDS: The resorts are accommodated with a children’s play area where parents can watch their kids enjoy true joy and happiness in their eyes while they play with unlimited fun.
  • PLACE FOR PLAYERS: Not just for the kids, the resorts houses both indoor and outdoor game facilities for sport enthusiasts. To know more about the activities conducted at Pragati Resorts, visit the link here: Activities at Pragati Resorts

  • PEACE AND SERENITY: Pragati Resorts is not just a pleace for fun and enjoyment. It is a place of peace and serenity too. It has Nakshatra Vanam and Navgraha Vanam where you can receive positive energy from the nature by choosing to meditate under your own birth sign/star.



Pragati Resorts offers a variety of packages for all sections of ages at very affordable price ranges. Choose a package you like and have a pleasant day with the precious nature at Pragati Resorts. Visit the below link for the list of packages


Funday-Package-Pragati Resorts

Special Offer for ‘Fun’ Day Outing Package – This Republic Day!!

Are you ready to have some Extra Fun this 26th Jan, Republic Day?

Pragati Resorts has launched a special offer exclusively for this day on “Fun” Day Outing Package

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