Along with being recognized as one of the renowned bio-diversity and eco-friendly resorts in India and garnering quite a good number of prestigious awards and rewards, Pragati Resorts has also received a great number of positive testimonials from its visitors. Let us have a look at the different reviews of the visitors of Pragati Resorts through their own words. (Due to some privacy issues, names of some visitors are not mentioned)

 “This was my 6th visit of Pragati. From my first visit in 2004 the Resort has undergone numerous changes mostly in the form of improvement of greenery and other value additions. The best things for which one should surely visit this place is serene environment, natural beauty and lot of outdoor activities including water sports and fully equipped SPA facilities. I immensley enjoyed morning walk through beautifully managed and maintained grasslands and tree grooves which have been grown considerably over a decade. Though there are not many varieties of food items but let me tell the fact that almost all the vegetables and fruits are organic and grown in the adjacent farm of Dr G B K Rao owner of the resort. If you really can skip your T V serials and not keen to be always online for one day and wish to enjoy the pollution free serene environment in the lap of nature with outdoor games and water sports I am sure you will not be disappointed at Pragati.



I went with a batch of 17 students to Pragati Green Meadows and Resort, Hyderabad. The owner, Mr. GBK Rao and his brother in law and Director, Mr. Ramakrishna have taken lot of care to keep the Resort in the best way. There is lot of greenery around with different plants of medicinal value. The Resort is good for a day’s outing and to spend free time with family and friends. There are fun rangers for groups who visit the Resort and they make these people play different management games and group activities”


A nice green resort just 30kms away from Hyderabad. This property has all the facilities you require for a relaxed and natural getaway from the city. The lagoons are very spacious with a balcony. You can ask for a guided tour to know more about the herbal plants grown in that area. The pool is good and one can spend at least couple of hours soaking the sun. Overall a great experience.


What a wonderful experience !!!

Right from the moment I Checked-In(23rd June) to the moment I Checked-Out, was a FANTASTIC experience. When I reached the Resort, I was informed that the ‘Booking Portal’ through whom I had booked the Cottage, hadn’t informed the resort. The resort didn’t make a huge issue of it, and quickly got me into my room.

The cottage is placed in a beautiful ambience, the kinds I had NEVER seen before. Surrounded by a landscape full of abundant trees, fruits and vegetation, the air felt fresh and there was an immediate feel-good factor about it all.

The kids had a gala time jumping around on the Trampoline Bungee Jump, and a extremely well maintained Waterpark. Couldn’t help myself but dive into the pool and 3 hours later, tired and an aching old body.

As there were 2 adults and 2 children, I requested them to put in one extra bed for the kids. I was surprised to find, that they had actually put in 2 Extra Beds. Which REALLY pleased me.

The food – wonderful taste and EXCELLENT and ever helpful Customer Service.

Hundreds of Mango Trees all around. And I was so surprised to find, that we were actually encouraged to pluck a few, and hence the kids were super excited to pluck a few off the trees.

OVERALL – So pleased with the entire trip, that I couldn’t have asked for more. The kids go back with tons of long lasting memories and a BIG smile on their faces

ONE SUGGESTION – Just like any other Resort, plan to go on a Weekend. The place will be more crowded, and hence you can expect more people willing to assist you.

                                                                                                                                                Abhs – The Wanderer


The Management of Pragati is grateful to all the visitors who have submitted their valuable testimonials. This resort always aims not to compromise on the quality of services and products and will always be in the pursuit of enhancing the standards.