Fun Unlimited at a Serene Place


It’s not difficult to find fun themed parks now-a-days in almost any city or even a town. You and your kids might have visited many of them already. But what’s rare to find is a place with almost every possible fun and recreation facility you can think in the midst of nature’s greenery.  But now Hyderabad is a place that can say ‘No’ to that rarity, with the presence of Pragati Resorts.

In a nut shell, the resort is a place for enjoyment and rejuvenation. It’s one of the very few places, not only in India, but in the world to offer such a huge variety of services and facilities that are unique in kind and unmatched in their quality. And when it comes to providing fun and excitement to both kids and adults alike, we can feel that it’s one of the best once we visit it.

Pragati Resorts is equipped with spaces and equipment for all kinds of indoor and outdoor games and sports.  The following are the variety of activities that can be enjoyed at Pragati Resorts.

  • SPORTS AND GAMES: Not just one or two, Pragati Resorts is a place for all kinds of sport and game enthusiasts. You can play individual or team games at your choice and they include both indoor and outdoor games
    • INDOOR GAMES: Shuttle, Table Tennis, Carroms, Chess, Snooker or Pool.
    • OUTDOOR GAMES: Cricket, Volleyball, Badminton, Skating, Bicycling, and Golf
  • FUN WITH WATER: The resort is equipped with a huge water park where you can enjoy with your friends and family together. The slides in this park would definitely be loved by kids especially. Those who are interested in swimming wouldn’t be disappointed either with exclusive pool! Apart from these, you can also find extra features like boating in the lake, and rain dance with DJ.
  • EXCITING PLACE FOR KIDS: Pragati Resorts is a perfect place for you to watch your kids having fun and playing to their utmost satisfaction. The nature’s presence across the resorts will imbibe a positive energy for your kids so that they would not actually feel tired with playing. The children’s park here is a special attraction for them.

Along with these fun activities and provisions, it is also a perfect place for organizing special events and occasions. Be it a corporate meeting, or a wedding, or any kind of special anniversaries, you wouldn’t find many places better than Pragati Resorts. You will even find that the prices are very affordable comparatively.

You can find more information about the packages and tariffs at Pragati Resorts website

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Special Offer for ‘Fun’ Day Outing Package – This Republic Day!!

Are you ready to have some Extra Fun this 26th Jan, Republic Day?

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